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Wir möchten Sie in der gebotenen Kürze über die Maßnahmen informieren, die wir beim Triebwerk in Schwelm im Zusammenhang mit der Coronavirus-Pandemie (Covid-19) ergriffen haben. Dabei geht es uns zuallererst um den Schutz unserer Freunde des Hauses sowie die Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter.

Covid-19 ist zweifellos eine besondere Herausforderung – für die Weltgemeinschaft als Ganzes, aber auch jeden einzelnen von uns. In vielen Staaten ist das gesellschaftliche Leben in den vergangenen Tagen zum Erliegen gekommen. Sämtliche Bereiche sind betroffen.

Angst ist in diesem Umfeld jedoch ein schlechter Ratgeber. Vielmehr gilt es, alles Notwendige zu tun, um die Ausbreitung des Virus‘ möglichst wirksam einzudämmen. Wir haben uns sehr früh mit den Folgen einer Pandemie beschäftigt und einen entsprechenden Notfallplan entwickelt. So sind wir aufgestellt auch mobile Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen. Alle wichtigen Funktionen innerhalb des Unternehmens sind mit den Mitarbeitern für den Notfall abgestimmt, das schließt auch mögliche Arbeiten von zu Hause aus ein. An unseren Arbeitsplätzen in der Eisenwerk Str. 2 gelten besondere Hygienevorschriften. Geschäftsfahrten wurden streng reglementiert. All das sichert einen reibungslosen Arbeitsablauf – und begrenzt mögliche Infektionsrisiken für die Kolleginnen und Kollegen sowie deren Familien.

Sollten Sie Fragen haben, melden Sie sich bitte direkt bei uns. Ihre Ansprechpartner sind ganz normal unter den Ihnen bekannten Rufnummern und E-Mail-Adressen zu erreichen. Unser Ladenlokal bleibt wegen den gegebenen Umständen für Laufkundschaft ab heute geschlossen. Wenn Sie vorhaben ein Fahrzeug zu bringen oder abzuholen, geschieht dies nach entsprechender Bereitstellung und nach telefonischer Absprache. Für alle Fragen und Sorgen rund um Ihre Fahrzeuge bleiben wir telefonisch oder per Mail für Sie erreichbar.

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The basic vehicle is a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 from 1991, which has been painstakingly restored and converted with great attention to detail. All components were handcrafted from sheet metal and adapted, creating a slightly different vehicle that definitely draws attention. A lot of detail work was invested in the optical conversion, so that only the connoisseur sees at second glance that a much more modern vehicle is actually hidden under it.
Technical achievements such as ABS, Mc Pherson struts, power steering, air conditioning and a large brake are just a few of the many details that are standard on board. The ultra-modern LED headlights at the front ensure that the night appears bright as day and illuminate the busy street perfectly. The result is a dream car that guarantees every conceivable driving pleasure. Almost all work related to the vehicle was done in-house in one hand, including the engine and gearbox construction.


The interior has been completely customized and redesigned. The instruments have been extensively rebuilt and shine in the F model typical green, with a touch of elegance thanks to chrome-plated decorative rings. A brand new Porsche Classic radio with Bluetooth, navigation system, hands-free system and removable, space-saving subwoofer are used for a true sound experience. The interior was perfectly coordinated in combination with the finest, brown nappa leather and light brown Alcantara and shines in new splendor.
The electric windows and the electrically height-adjustable seats are one of the few details next to the center tunnel, which show the connoisseur that a newer vehicle is hidden underneath.


A completely revised, performance-enhanced 3.6L boxer engine with 300HP (F300) ensures the right drive. In addition to the general overhaul at the highest professional level, numerous modifications were made which guarantee enormous driving pleasure. For example, a single throttle valve assembly with a freely programmable injection and ignition system was developed by the DTW team.


Air-cooled 3,6L boxer engine / compression ratio 11,3:1 / camshaft series / piston and cylinder grinding / DTW intake manifolds / DTW single throttle valves / DTW intake system / DTW exhaust system / EMU control unit / distributorless dual ignition




The most notable further development from Porsche in the transmission area was the G50 transmission with a new type of synchronization. Regardless of whether it is sporty or on a leisurely Sunday trip, switching has now become a real pleasure. Another advantage that the 5-speed gearbox brought with it was that it was designed for considerably larger engine outputs and no modifications were required for use in the F300. Of course we completely disassembled the gearbox and overhauled it according to the highest DTW standard.


Together with our development partner Falco Hollmann from Meisterwerke Autosport, we launched this exhaust manifold backdate exhaust system. We not only have an expert opinion with which the system can be entered, but depending on the motor setup, references that guarantee maximum performance. We managed to combine performance, perfect optics and quality in one product.
One of the catalytic converters is equipped with a heating jacket, which makes the installation of an additional heater for the interior and the TÜV approval superfluous. The construction space from the 964 was scanned and the exhaust was designed to fit perfectly into the existing space. Even with the F Model rear carrier modified, there are no space problems.

One of the catalytic converters is equipped with a heating jacket, which makes the installation of an additional heater for the interior and the TÜV approval superfluous. The installation space of the 964 was scanned and the exhaust was perfectly designed into the existing installation space. Even with the converted rear rack of the F model there are no space problems.


When it comes to the chassis, the F300 leaves nothing to be desired. A Bilstein PSS10 undercarriage adjustable in tension and compression levels, which was developed in cooperation with Walter Röhrl for the 964, finds its place on the bright Fuchsfelgen imitations in 9 × 17 with 225/45 tires at the front and 11 × 17 with 275/40 tires at the rear and does its job more than reliably. Incidentally, Walter Röhrl personally tested and hand-signed the F300.

We replaced the rear brake calipers with the stronger C4 4 piston calipers. All parts are of course overhauled according to DTW standards. The brake booster does not get its negative pressure like in the series from the intake manifold. With the single throttle valve system, when the flaps are open, we have a low intake manifold pressure and therefore a loss of braking power. That is why an electric vacuum pump with control unit is installed, which guarantees the same vacuum. Even if you, like Walter Röhrl, ever operate the accelerator and brake with one foot at the same time. This car not only accelerates excellently, but also decelerates with ease.
It doesn’t work without years of experience. When it comes to back dating, we understand some things differently than others. The combination of a more modern vehicle with the look of a bygone era has an indescribable charm and is fully in line with the trend. The very demanding conversions in an unprecedented quality without compromise are our claim. We work daily with the entire team to become even better and to integrate innovations into our vehicles.


Our Porsche 964 Backdate F300 tested by Walter Roehrl is up for auction.

If you want to buy the F300, you can place your bids here:


F300 Walter Röhrl

Porsche F300

It‘s not a Singer – we proof better, pure passion made in Germany.

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