An absolute first!
“Das Triebwerk” builds a car, and the TV cameras are there to film it happening! We put a VW Type3 back on the road together with VOX “auto mobil”, and this in a form that is second to none.
VOX scheduled the story of the conversion for Sundays at 17.00 in the programme “auto mobil” on 7, 14 and 21 April 2020 .
If you missed any of the broadcasts or would like to watch them again: episode 1 as well as episodes 2 and 3 are still available for viewing .

BODY: Type 315, year of manufacture 1967, model year 1968, newly coated in Gulf blue, completely restored, extensive welding work to accommodate the Porsche engine, including cross-members on the rear bulkhead of the engine compartment, modification of the cover plate to enable a central exhaust outlet, improvement of the air intake, conversion to interior refuelling.
ENGINE: Porsche 964, six-cylinder boxer, 3.6 litre capacity, individual throttle valves and DTW ignition system, stainless steel exhaust with two catalytic converters, at least 300 hp, dry sump lubrication, front oil cooler.
CHASSIS: Front original axle, conversion to rear suspension arm, Bilstein shock absorbers (MDS), Porsche 964 C2 brakes, Cup braces, 6 and 7 x 16 Fuchs, 185 and 195/55-16.
TEST DRIVE: At Mendig with Walter Röhrl.
Season opening and the official handover of the keys to the lucky winner of the Type 3 model.
THANK YOU: Falco Hollmann, Gunter Langwieler, Walter Röhrl and to the editorial staff at “auto mobil” for the crazy idea!

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