In the meantime, the Porsche 356 Convertible D prepared by us has been on the most beautiful roads in Italy. Not only did we rebuild a sports engine in a very short time, we also created the right environment for the four-cylinder boxer arrangement. A professionally tuned chassis and safely gripping brakes are essential, because: At the Gran Premio Nuvolari, the three-day Gran Premio Nuvolari was driven on the same level, but also on the limit. The special challenge: The character of the beautiful classic from the 1958 vintage should not be influenced – a balancing act.


The disc brakes in the traditional 5/205 “male” bolt circle, original retrofit stabilizers and a Bilstein sports suspension are important bases for this. The collar bolt front axle corresponds to that of the VW Beetle, we have fitted it with Bilstein shock absorber legs. The same applies to the rear swing axle. We didn’t have to install a rollover protection – it wasn’t necessary for the Gran Premio Nuvolari because the Porsche competed in the “Regularity” category and not in the pure racing class. We have geared the transmission a little longer to enable the journey to Italy on its own.


To this end, we have retrofitted Porsche sports bucket seats with red leather upholstery. On the one hand, they are comfortable enough to make long motorway journeys a pleasure. On the other hand, they offer enough lateral support when things get down to business on famous racetracks like Imola in Emilia Romagna. We have also implemented a few special features in the interior so that we can actually complete every single lap to the tenth of a second. We have built special devices for various stopwatches. These are needed in order to be able to precisely control when the finish line should be crossed again during the special stages. A minimum of musical entertainment is also provided, also a small, creative special construction.


The few weeks until departure in the direction had passed very quickly.


(…to be continued…)


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Das richtige Umfeld für ein starkes Triebwerk: Wir bereiten wir einen stilechten Porsche 356 Convertible D (Jahrgang 1958) vor, dritter Teil.


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