Porsche, island feeling, waves: All this is combined on Sylt to form a unique symbiosis. Despite all the tradition, the current event summer 2022 was also about the extraordinary: the passion of the Sylt surfing scene should result in a new community with the equally lively spectrum of air-cooled nine-eleven lovers in order to captivate people from near and far. Of course, Das Triebwerk also wanted to make a creative contribution to this. Wolfram, a friend who is a marketing and sales ambassador for the company and also an enthusiastic driver of the back-date 964 model “F350”, let the flags of our Schwelm enthusiast manufactory wave in the North Sea wind on three summer days.


How can something that is already exclusive be staged even more uniquely? We at Das Triebwerk deal with this question almost every day. One of our answers: the “F350” small series based on the successful 911 model 964. In many thousands of hours of work, we create a road-going sports car that is perfect in itself, a homage to the dawn of the 1970s, which were also groundbreaking in automotive engineering. Wolfram, a friend and ambassador of our company, presents such a model. Of course, he was immediately hooked when he heard about the “Petro Surf Festival” on the North Sea island of Sylt on various channels. A new scene of surfers and motorists should combine to form an exciting unit around the Munkmarschen harbour.


For the island itself, this was a welcome opportunity to shed light on the phenomenon of the sharply increased number of sports cars, which has been observed for generations, from a different, unknown side and, similar to the French models on the Côte d’Azur, to focus more on the scene aspect to deliver. Of course, the participants also made their own contribution to this: only very few showed up without an imaginatively equipped roof rack attachment, in order to create the most authentic possible surfer flair. Wolfram didn’t want to be an exception and had the stone-grey “F350” prepared by Das Triebwerk specialists in advance.


“To me, the concept of the organizers worked out,” he reports. “Be it the three atmospheric evenings in the Munkmarschen harbour, the meet-and-greets, the ferry crossings to neighboring Denmark or the exhibitions in the port buildings: we felt a bit like the famous pioneers of surfing on Sylt, who took their first steps with a board from the DLRG.” Even if the pioneering spirit in the summer of 2022 was more related to a fresh mix of tried and tested elements, the conclusion after the three island days was: “We were there, we literally have the flag shown – that was good, nice and rightly so!” Those who want to take part next year with their own “F350” with roof rack and individual package should plan early.


Responsible for the content: netzwerkeins GmbH, Carsten Krome

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