First Life

As a workhorse this beautiful T1 pickup was delivered in 1964 and bravely performed its service in its first life. What then followed is a story like no other. After the first exits shortly after completion, a plug fell out of the Weber carburettors of the 2.3L Type 1 engine, which caused a fire in the engine compartment on the motorway. The fire extinguisher on board was powerless against the huge flood of flames, which is why the rear of the vehicle unfortunately burned out completely.


After the following standing time the owner decided to revive the vehicle. The only question was how. After the fire brigade had washed down the remains of the extinguishing agent, it was quickly clear how to proceed. The car should tell its story. Shortly after the damage was repainted and a completely new drive was built and placed. In the 2000s it was very carefully restored and rebuilt in over 3000 hours by a good friend of the house.




In the driver’s cabin everything is kept original. Only the harness belts, the shifter with the switch of the Linelock and the additional instruments suggest that something has been modified here.











A completely revised, performance-enhanced 2.3L Type1 injection engine with 217Ps provides the appropriate propulsion, which today, after a further revision, performs its service at the highest level in the engine. The ride in this beautiful T1 is literally like riding the cannonball. Of course, the chassis, brakes and transmission were also adapted to the requirements. The whole engine is absolutely fresh with just 1500 kilometers driven after the overhaul. Visually, the engine was also made sure that the patina of the fire remained visible.







Matching the rear axle, a more modern transmission was installed, which also eliminates the reduction gear. The gear ratios have been adapted and replaced by reinforced gears from Weddle. A Quaife worm roller lock was installed. With the modifications the engine power of 217 hp of the injection engine is no problem.








Chassis & Brake

The rear axle has been converted to the 1303 Beetle’s semi-trailing arm, resulting in significantly better handling characteristics. The front axle was replaced by a narrower one, which is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. BILSTEIN shock absorbers provide the right road holding and a CSP disc brake in the men’s hole circle ensures sufficient deceleration all around. Original Sprintstar steel wheels provide the connection to the road.










T1 Pickup