Our basic conviction: (automotive) off-the-shelf products are not for everyone.

Our customers bring their personal ideas and visions with them. We know how to fulfill (almost) every wish and work out the details of every project individually from scratch. The result: a tailor-made automobile – the opposite of off-the-peg products.

We are creative…

… and very gladly for you, too! Because we know from decades in practice that automotive passion can have many facets, shapes and colors. Would you like to realize your ideas, wishes and dreams? We support you with all our experience and craftsmanship: What is technically feasible, we make possible! Even if we are passionate about realizing high-quality restoration projects one hundred percent true to the original, there are no dogmas for us. We are just as enthusiastic about everything imaginative and extraordinary, without elevating one or the other to a worldview.

We are versatile …

… we devote ourselves to Porsches with forced-air cooling just as much as to classic Volkswagens or even transaxle sports cars with engines in front: We have also launched many new developments for this often neglected series. We like to be creative. And anyway, what exactly does customizing mean? It comes from “custom,” which means “tailor-made” in German. The (fashion) term can therefore be translated as individualization or personalization. We always proceed with the utmost professionalism and in compliance with applicable legal regulations.



DTW-Germany-Das-Triebwerk-Porsche-914-6 Engine-Revision-1

A current project example

Porsche 914/6 from Das Triebwerk: (P)S-Express with 190 horsepower.