Backdating: From 964 to F350

Our currently 2 largest projects are the full restorations of two 964s from 1991.
Among other things, we made all the body parts using sheet metal, widened the fenders, and attached the tank and oil flaps as in the 72 model.
The base vehicle was a C4, in the end we made a C2 out of it, built a screw roller lock into the gearbox, which closes up to 100 percent in the event of slip, but opens again immediately when you take off the accelerator. The tunnel was not only heavily rebuilt and the screw roller lock installed, but also the synchronizer rings and the bearings were renewed and the gearbox was completely overhauled. Both have built-in six-cylinder boxers. 3.8 l displacement, our in-house manufactured single throttle and ignition system. This gives both vehicles over 350 hp.
The interior of both vehicles is largely identical – however individual the tastes are, we manufacture everything exclusively according to the wishes of our customers. The fact is: everything is of the highest quality and technically well equipped. Whether that is the precise gear lever in the look of the 70s, an enlarged air conditioning cooler, an integrated but invisible sound system, etc.



Would you also like to drive a classic car and enjoy the sophisticated technology of tomorrow under the hood?