We develop and recreate originals of their time, true classic cars and sometimes even “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”. And all this with a sense of passion. We are currently focused on vintage genres such as the T1-T2 VW bus as well as Porsche 911 and 356 models. Our profound technical expertise is complemented with our very own engine and transmission construction capability. In our somewhat different “Event Atelier”, we share emotions on four wheels with customers and friends. Individual consultation is always a first step towards a common solution for the realisation of your ideas. We are good listeners!


Stephan Rohleder & Christian Wilms are the company owners and initiators of “das Triebwerk Dtw Germany GmbH”. Stephan Rohleder is a passionate and successful entrepreneur. He was a world market leader in the technology sector with his companies over many decades. Stephan Rohleder focuses on classic values, is innovative and always full of passion. He was an enthusiast for old Porsche cars at an early age. Most of his personally-restored collector’s items are still to be found in his possession today.

Everything started for Christian Wilms with the 1600 VW Type3.
The work on this special piece of contemporary history sparked his passion for classic cars. However, his affinity for technology and the fun of working with his hands have been with him since childhood, when he took his grandfather’s watches apart before reassembling them again. This passion for technical perfection and craftsmanship was also evident in his choice of profession: Christian Wilms is a trained mechanic and state-certified automotive technician. As Managing Director of “das Triebwerk Dtw Germany GmbH”, he is the creative mind behind finding the best value-preserving solutions for every customer requirement.

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