For some time now, we have completed the prototype phase. After we have strengthened ourselves with new five-axis machines as well as with a CAM system, the first series has now gone into production. We have relaunched the entire design and launched several variants.


We have produced in such a way that we can offer anything from 38 to 50 millimeters in diameter to order. With our new variant of the intake manifold with two perforated flanges, the system now also fits older engines from 2.4 to 3.4 liters displacement and from F to G models. This has been one of the biggest challenges among our own products, along with our exhaust system.


We offer a complete injection system with a freely programmable control unit and all related components. Upon request, we will assemble the system and custom-tune it to your engine. This protects the environment by significantly reducing emissions while optimizing performance.


One of the advantages is that we are able to adapt the injection to the existing mechanical conditions. Using a Bluetooth module, we record all engine data on an SD card while driving and are able to use this data to identify any problem that may arise.


Via a remote desktop connection, we can provide technical support – even if you are currently driving your vehicle abroad. For example, we recently adapted the fuel injection system to mountain conditions for a customer in South America during a rally at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. Our fuel injection systems are connected to a new wiring harness on request and can be retrofitted and installed independently of the on-board electrical system at any time.


Another variant is to adapt our control unit invisibly to the original wiring harness. In this way, older vehicles can be designed to be freely programmable without changing the on-board electrics. If desired, the conventional throttle valve can be converted to a modern e-gas throttle valve, which even takes over the idle control, by further adaptations and new products.


Another new development is the adaptive gasoline pressure control system with rigid lines. These are manufactured in jigs that guarantee consistent quality. This is designed to be maintenance-free, free from wear or aging in rubber parts or lines.