We have designed a fully variable feature for our Anayak plano-type milling machine with Heidenhain control system, enabling any machining angle to be achieved thanks to a 4th CNC axis. If we need to overhaul cylinder heads from a six-cylinder engine or machine them for additional performance, we can do this simultaneously with a precision of one hundredth of a millimetre. Our CAM system and the possibility of scanning components means that we can manufacture e.g. combustion chambers that are exactly in accordance with the customer’s precise requirements and specifications.


The same applies to the machining of engine housings. The extensive travel capability of our machining centre combined with our adaptive spindle system means that we are able to machine any critical point. Thanks to two years spent on the development of stable clamping equipment, aimed at accommodating every conceivable air-cooled engine housing, almost any repair is possible with unprecedented precision. The big advantage is that such machining programmes e.g. for combustion chambers are stored, meaning that we are able to exactly copy and remill any individual component part that may become damaged.


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