At the starting point: A journalist and his crazy idea.


On his instagram account, the renowned journalist Alexander Bloch says about himself, that he is an automotive nerd, engineer and explainer, tester and moderator at the VOX tv show named „auto mobil“ as well as a chief reporter for the trade magazine at auto motor und sport. He’s full of ideas by profession – and this is especially true when it comes to creative Volkswagen cars with some Porsche-DNA: air-cooled, of course, that’s almost clear without even saying it. For some time now, Bloch had been pursuing this idea for his tv show at VOX „auto mobil“: a Volkswagen 1.600 L – a Type 3, often enough characterized as the „Volkswagen Beetle for advanced drivers” – to be realized and then raffled off among the spectators. In the notchback-model with a slightly hanging rear section, according to Bloch’s vision, a 3.6 litre Porsche engine with more than 300 HP should do its job – knowing too well, that the upright citizen from the sixties was never really designed for this purpose. An expert, a true connaisseur of the subject, was needed. But where was he to be found? The Volkswagen Type 3 Club had an answer on hand. It referred to one of its active members, the journalist Thorsten Elbrigmann. After an initial contact was made among colleagues, the name of Christian Wilms soon came up. The owner of dtw Germany | das triebwerk in Schwelm and Elbrigmann had known each other for many years. They had been hanging out with the „Straßenräubers” (aka mugglers) at countless events – the best prerequisites to start an extraordinary project. Theoretically, at least.


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