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Well, someone should keep track of that. Thanks to our operations manager Christian Treitz, who has 20 years of professional experience in the transmission sector and has revised and repaired countless automatic transmissions in the past, we have been able to expand our portfolio by a very important point. Although the 4-speed A50/04 & A50/05 Tiptronic transmissions of the 964 and 993 models do not have the best reputation because of the performance losses, there are still many drivers who have a different opinion. It always depends on the use. The leisurely drive with the convertible on the weekend can be very relaxed with such a vehicle.

In the meantime, the Tiptronic transmissions, which are considered to be indestructible, are getting on in years. In this case, we have a 993 transmission on the table, which no longer shifted cleanly and smoothly. Christian quickly identified the fault after complete disassembly, procured the necessary parts and reassembled the transmission. On this 993 we also overhauled the engine and increased the power.


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