It has been known since 1972 that the legendary Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 owes its 210 hp to a mechanical six-piston injection pump. But can and should the classic sports car with the “duck-tail” still be optimized today – and not just in terms of its power delivery? The answer comes from the engine: Yes, it can! The completely retrofittable conversion to a freely programmable gasoline injection system is above all a contribution to significantly improved energy efficiency and thus to greater sustainability. Consumption is reduced to 14 liters per 100 kilometers – previously unimagined dimensions for a sports engine with a mechanically controlled injection system.



The headlines:


Unusual customer request: on the sidelines of a classic rally, the owner of a Carrera RS 2.7 came up with a special idea.

Retrofittable and barely visible: New development from the engine improves (energy) efficiency and sustainability.

Significantly improved dynamics: Freely programmable gasoline injection revives the historic magnesium engine.



An incident at the 21ª Modena Cento Ore classic rally in Italy provided the impetus for an unusual development at our powerplant: The owner of an original “duck-tailed” Carrera RS 2.7 with a mechanical six-piston injection pump wondered about the “oil flap model” driving ahead with our Stephan Rohleder at the helm. Although its Neunelfer was a 911 T (with some updates), it could drive away from its  friend in its slipstream again and again. How was that possible?



The solution: Stephan relied on a new development from our think tank, a freely programmable injection system. It is barely visible from the outside and is installed in a minimally invasive manner – there is no need to drill holes in the bodywork or make any other modifications. Our completely retrofittable conversion to the more modern form of mixture preparation has several significant effects: Firstly, the dynamics and power delivery are noticeably improved. In addition, fuel consumption is significantly reduced thanks to more sensitive metering: a contribution to greater sustainability at a time when pollutant emissions and the ecological footprint are more important than ever.




The sum of all these aspects excited the driver of the Carrera RS 2.7 so much that he was not dissuaded from the conversion. He wanted to put the mechanical six-stamp injection pump on the shelf for later. The premise was, of course, not to compromise any of the valuable original substance – our friend of the house and (new) customer should be able to enjoy it without any worries. With the help of an already existing ignition map, the tuning to the original 210 hp six-cylinder boxer engine could be carried out. It can be assumed that a few additional horsepower may have been activated. In any case, the dynamic power delivery could be optimized.



What’s more, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers fell to a maximum of 14 liters – a figure thought unattainable with mechanical injection systems. Thanks to the freely programmable innovation from the engine, however, it is now possible to combine more driving pleasure with less consumption. Possible motto: something mastered again – and a wish fulfilled that doesn’t happen every day. Not even here in Schwelm.


Responsible for the content: Carsten Krome, netzwerkeins GmbH



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