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Foto-Finish: Wir verabschieden das alte Jahr mit einem neuen Backdate-Highlight.

We are saying goodbye to the TRIEBWERK’s year 2022 with a very special customer order – and not just because our customer has traveled such a long way to us. He is an American and he commissioned one of our colleagues to set up a backdate car in the Rhineland-Pfalz region. The basics: not the nine-eleven generations 964 or 993, which are very popular for projects of this magnitude, but the lighter 911 3.0 SC. After the body construction and the exterior painting in „Dark Green metallic” were well advanced, the owner discovered one of our YouTube videos by chance. In this, it we describe our in-house individual throttle valve system, our engine control and our exhaust system. All of this should now also flow into the SC structure that had once been started – an exciting task, especially since we didn’t know at the beginning whether the cross-sections calculated for much larger-volume six-cylinder boxer engines would harmonize with the smaller three-liter powerplant at all.


To get straight to the point: The result surprised even us: The engine, which we have optimized in its periphery, is right at the start, it hangs on the gas and is simply much fun – but first things first! When we took a glimpse, we found that the body construction basically corresponded to our main philosophy. The fender flares in the sheet steel came from the 930 turbo, the front and rear bumpers were made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, in short: GRP – well, we might not have done the latter like that. The processing and the paintwork in „Dark Green metallic“ were cleanly executed, the vehicle made a good impression overall. Since the customer also wanted us to adjust the chassis based on our data material and project experience, we took a closer look at the chassis from below. After a dry ice treatment, removing unnecessary paint mist and replacing individual parts, we were finally able to deal with camber, caster and toe.


The six-cylinder boxer engine, which we did not overhaul nor assemble, was subjected to a pressure loss test before it was optimized. After this was done without any complaints, it was time to adapt our individual throttle valve system. This is designed to be adaptive and can also be used on the older two-bore flanges. Our assumption that the displacement was at least 600 ccm lower than that of the 964 or 993, and that there might be a small torque gap, proved unfounded. Instead, the propellant hangs surprisingly cheerfully on the gas, which is not least due to the replacement of the engine control and the cable harness as well as the exhaust system with a centrally arranged double pipe outlet. Since we are currently setting up our in-house performance test bench and will put it into operation in January 2023, a specific measurement of the horsepower and the maximum torque can only be carried out in spring 2023, when our new customer visits the TRIEBWERK again for a regular service.


Until then, we wish William a lot of (driving) pleasure with his beautiful racer and look forward to a technically coherent project to end the year of 2022: a real photo finish!


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