The requirements for transmission construction are manifold. We overhaul or strengthen your power transmission. Just the way you want it.

We have more than two decades of experience with sophisticated power transmissions and are able to make almost any transmission fit the respective performance requirements and wishes of our customers. On the quarter-mile and in long-distance rallies, we have been able to gather a wide range of practical experience. We are happy to pass on our know-how to you. This also applies to the exact adaptation of gear ratios. In addition to installing five-speed transmissions, we can also modify four-speed transmissions for (almost) any application.

Well switched

We are also familiar with the classic requirements of transmission construction. We overhaul power transmissions so that you can shift gears easily and noiselessly again. If necessary, we also replace complete transmissions. It is not always a matter of purely mechanical advantages. A five-speed transmission can be a technical upgrade: The engine doesn’t rev as high, the axle ratio fits, and driving experiences a new, undreamed-of feel-good dimension.