The base vehicle is a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 from 1991, which has been extensively restored and converted with great attention to detail. All components have been handcrafted from sheet metal and adapted, resulting in a somewhat different model, but one that will definitely attract attention. A lot of detailed work has been devoted to the optical conversion, whereby only the connoisseur will see at a 2nd glance that there is actually a far more modern vehicle hidden beneath.
Technical realisations such as ABS, MacPherson suspension struts, power steering, air conditioning and a large-dimensioned brake are just a few of the many details that come as standard. The ultra-modern LED headlights at the front ensure that night is as bright as day and that the road ahead is perfectly illuminated. The result is a dream car satisfying every imaginable notion of driving pleasure. Nearly all the work on the vehicle has been carried out in-house by a single individual, including engine and transmission construction.


A completely reworked, performance-enhanced 3.6l boxer engine with 300 hp (F300) provides the appropriate degree of propulsion. Beside a general overhaul at the very highest professional level, numerous modifications have been made to ensure maximum driving pleasure: e.g. a single throttle valve system developed by the DTW team with freely-programmable fuel injection and ignition system has been fitted as has a completely new type of manifold exhaust system – ensuring top performance – likewise developed by the DTW team, but in cooperation with Meisterwerke Autosport.


The interior has been completely individualised and newly designed. The instruments have been extensively remodelled and now radiate in the typical F model green, with a touch more elegance thanks to the chrome-plated decorative rings.
A brand-new Porsche Classic Radio with Bluetooth, navigation system, hands-free module and removable, space-saving subwoofer have been fitted to enable a true sound experience.
The interior has been fitted out in a perfectly coordinated combination of finest brown nappa leather and light brown Alcantara and now emanates a whole new splendour.
The electric windows and the electrically height-adjustable seats are just a few of the details besides the centre tunnel that show the connoisseur that a much newer vehicle is concealed beneath.


Air-cooled 3,6L boxer engine / compression ratio 11,3:1 / camshaft series / piston and cylinder grinding / DTW intake manifolds / DTW single throttle valves / DTW intake system / DTW exhaust system / EMU control unit / distributorless dual ignition




We developed this backdated manifold exhaust system together with our partner Falco Hollmann from Meisterwerke Autosport. We do not only have an expert opinion enabling the system to be registered as approved, we also have references – depending on the engine setup – underlining maximum performance attainment. We have managed to combine performance, perfect optics and quality in a single product.


Porsche’s most noteworthy advanced development in the gearbox sector was the G50 transmission with a new type of synchronisation. Whether meant as a sporty innovation or for a relaxing Sunday-afternoon drive, shifting gears had now become a real pleasure. A further advantage of the 5-speed gearbox was that it was designed for considerably higher engine power and no modifications were necessary for use in the F300. Of course, we completely disassembled the unit and overhauled it in line with the highest DTW standards.

We have exchanged the rear brake callipers for the stronger C4 4-piston versions. All parts have of course been overhauled according to DTW standards. The brake booster does not get its negative pressure from the intake manifold as in the series cars. When the flaps are open on the single throttle valve system, there is low intake manifold pressure and thereby brake power loss. Therefore, an electric vacuum pump with control unit is fitted which ensures constant negative pressure. Even if, like Walter Röhrl, you ever press the accelerator and brake pedal with one foot simultaneously, this car does not only accelerate excellently, but also decelerates with ease.

One of the catalytic converters is equipped with a heating jacket, which makes the installation of an additional heater for the interior and TÜV approval superfluous. The installation space of the 964 was scanned and the exhaust perfectly designed to fit into the existing installation space. There are not even any space problems with the F model’s converted rear carrier rack.


The F300 leaves nothing to be desired in terms of chassis. A more-than-reliable BILSTEIN PSS10 chassis with adjustable compression and rebound damping, which was developed for the 964 in cooperation with Walter Röhrl, is fitted to the Bright Fuchs rim imitations in 9×17 with 225/45 tyres at the front and 11×17 with 275/40 tyres at the rear. By the way, Walter Röhrl test-drove and hand-signed the F300 himself.

F300 Walter Röhrl

Porsche F300

It‘s not a Singer – we proof better, pure passion made in Germany.