Car Facts:

  • 964 Carrera 4
  • Year of manufacture: 1990
  • 300 Ps
  • freely programmable injection
  • Speedline rims
  • General overhauled gearbox




Hidden performance…

The car was in good condition when it was bought. However, the gearbox and engine were unfortunately in quite bad shape. We have overhauled the transmission and engine at great expense. Of course, Stephan wanted even more: so we shall, of course, fit our series 964 exhaust system and we have already thought out something for the injection system. The Porsche wears original Speedline rims.


The interior is largely natural. Nevertheless, the C4 is optically refurbished, the instruments have been overhauled and it is equipped with extraordinary turbo seats.


The C4 was lowered by 40mm and is equipped with H&R springs. An original Bilstein chassis was installed, the hardness of which was adjusted in cooperation with Bilstein (very tight at high damper speed, but still comfortable at low damper speed).


The original ignition coils and the distributor were left in the car. The EMU Classic control unit fits into the original housing when the circuit board has been removed. So we quickly analyzed the wiring harness and adapted the original connector to the Emu connector in the housing. The result is that the 964 is now completely freely programmable with the original wiring harness and you can’t even see it. The engine is also completely overhauled, has sharper camshafts and a higher compression. In connection with our mounted exhaust system, the vehicle has over 300 hp.


When we imported the car from Majorca the technical condition was rather poor. Regarding the gearbox, it was immediately clear that we would need to take it apart and inspect it thoroughly from the inside. And this decision really was the right one to take. Now the transmission is radiant, has a perfect look and technically, the very last detail has been overhauled to the highest level.

Porsche 964 C4