The comprehensive specifications of all the measures and options implemented on the “F350” so far:


Vehicle type: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 coupé (model 964), dtw backdate to performance version F350.

Model year of the base vehicle: 1991 (M programme).

Base vehicle: version with steel sunroof and air-conditioning system.

Body (standard equipment on delivery from the factory): 2-door, 2+2-seater, self-supporting, closed coupé body made of hot-dip galvanised sheet metal on both sides in lightweight construction; deformable plastic front trim with integrated light-alloy bumper, attached to impact tubes; plastic side sill panels; rear spoiler in the boot hatch extending automatically at 80 km/h; deformable plastic rear trim with integrated light-alloy bumper, attached to impact tubes.

Body construction (dtw | das triebwerk): after complete dismantling, residue-free paint stripping using the chemical-free high-pressure water-jet process; checking of input dimensions on the frame straightening jig; set-up in the rolling rack; 800 welding hours including all modifications; widened front wings and rear side panels as well as side sill panelling made by hand from sheet steel panels in the proportions of the 911 S/T; replacement of the original central tunnel inside the car with a flatter version based on the F model of the early 1970s; F model conversion of front and rear including front and rear carriers; modified/widened front and rear bumpers made of sheet metal; front apron with additional front spoiler lip to enable a continuous baseline; enlarged engine oil and air-conditioning coolers in the cooling air intakes of the front apron; LED main headlights (Kaege).

Colour scheme (dtw | das triebwerk): new complete coating job in “aquamarine blue” (Porsche 356); block stripes in “savanna beige” with narrower outlines in “ruby red”.

Basic engine: reconditioned six-cylinder light-alloy boxer type M64/01 (MY 1991, ex works with cylinder head gaskets); two valves per cylinder; camshafts driven via cam chain; dry sump lubrication with separate oil reservoir; engine control via DME (Motronic).

Engine design (dtw | das triebwerk): individually manufactured, CNC-milled solid aluminium individual throttle valve system (adaptive, fits every six-cylinder boxer engine from 911 S 2.4); 993 generation valves with thinner 8-millimetre valve stems (compared to 9 mm on the M64/01 model); pistons with higher domes; new FVD cylinders; displacement expansion to 3,800 cc; Schrick camshafts; custom-made intake air manifold above the adapted intake spreader.

Exhaust system (dtw | das triebwerk): individually manufactured, CNC laser-cut exhaust system made of stainless steel tube material with two HJS 200 Zeller catalytic converters, one of the two exhaust manifolds is used as a heat exchanger for heating the vehicle interior.

Mixture setting: digital, freely programmable ECUMASTER engine control unit.

Compression: 11.8 : 1.

Engine output (standard on factory delivery): 250 hp at 6,100 rpm.

Engine output (dtw | das triebwerk): 362.7 hp at 7,800 rpm.

Power transmission: revised, manual shift five-speed gearbox type G50/03; original factory gear ratio; retrofitted worm-roller limited-slip differential (optional); single-mass flywheel; reinforced sports clutch; drive via double cardan shafts to the rear wheels.

Braking system: dual-circuit system with axle-wise split; four-piston aluminium fixed callipers front and rear (Brembo); internally ventilated and perforated discs (355 mm diameter front, 328 mm rear).

Wheel suspension (front): individually on light alloy wishbones and struts in McPherson design; Bilstein threaded shock absorbers “B16 PSS 10”; coil springs; anti-roll bar.

Wheel suspension (rear): individually on light alloy semi-trailing arms and struts; Bilstein threaded shock absorbers “B16 PSS 10”; coil springs; anti-roll bar.

Wheels: Bride alloy rims in Fuchs design (9J x 17-inch front and 11J x 17-inch rear).

Tyres: Pirelli “Classicʺ (235/45-17 front and 285/40-17 rear).

Interior: circular instruments with chrome rings; offset rev counter up to 9,000/min; individually manufactured and profiled bucket sports seats made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic with heating; gearshift gate with own components and others adapted from the G model G50; gearshift knob adapted from the F model with individually milled gearshift system; retro radio with hands-free facility; digital control panel for the air-conditioning system; rear-view camera monitor in the interior mirror.

In-car entertainment: largely invisible, individually manufactured “Dr. Boom” sound system with resonators under the interior door panels, correspondingly converted into a sound body.

Empty weight (according to DIN 70 020; standard scope of delivery from the factory): 1,350 kg.

Empty weight (new): 1,180 kg.

Total time required: 1,800 project hours.