Engine construction

Our vision in engine construction is actually quite simple: We want to transfer the standards of today’s automotive engineering to our beloved classics. With sustainability.

You can’t do it without many years of experience. Christian Wilms has already built more than several hundred engines himself. In addition to classic standard engines, he is also happy to take on a technical challenge for more top performance. There are many examples of this: With a measured 362.7 hp at 7,800 rpm, the six-cylinder boxer engine of our “F350″ type developed for the road is on a par with the Porsche RS(R) 3.8 Coupé except for less than eight hp, whose competition version produced 368 hp as an absolute top value. This is made possible by consistent craftsmanship in engine construction.

We are specialists.

The original unit with “Matching Numbers”, which was brought from 3.6 to 3.8 liters displacement, is completely disassembled, revised and modified. We consider our in-house designed and CNC-manufactured throttle body system to be one of the fillet pieces of the sports engine, which is available in various displacement variants and whose (expected and often enough surpassed) horsepower figure is included in the naming. This boosts efficiency and performance to the max. “It’s hard to achieve much more filling with a two-valve concept,” Christian Wilms is not the only one who is certain. He implemented the special throttle system as lead engineer. It is adaptive and can start operation on any 964. It also includes a special intake air collector, which stands for effective admission …