DTW exhaust system

Performance, look, quality & TÜV-approved. To combine these attributes in one product is often not easy or is indeed impossible. We have however managed to accomplish this with our exhaust system, which we developed together with Falco Hollmann from Meisterwerke Autosport. We scanned the existing installation space of our F300 after its body transformation and the installation space of the standard 964 and then designed our system to fit exactly into the existing space. Especially with backdate conversions, which usually don’t have very much space available at the rear, this proves to be extremely difficult. Thanks to the heat exchangers, likewise specifically designed for this purpose, and the 200-cell HJS catalytic converters, the system can be registered as approved for series engines with the relevant expert opinions. Additional exhaust emission reports for other engine set-ups will follow in the future. Reference performance benchmarks from various engines have shown that maximum performance can be achieved even with large-volume engines: for example, we were able to attain awesome torque and 398 hp from a 4.1 litre engine. In particular, torque delivery in the partial load range together with our resonance flap system at the intake section are really impressive: in other words – cutting-edge engineering!